07 May 2012

I've Been Struggling . . .

. . . with my fantasy writing.  

Allow me to explain.

I've been trying to make Sethe's Story go, but it just won't.  I mean, I've pushed and I've prodded, and I've done all I can to try and give it wings, and it just sits there a dumb lump.  I'm getting minor epiphanies on it--occasionally.  I've got a few outline cards done on it, but they're not pushing the ideas.  I've done more work on it in Lazette Gifford's Two Year Novel course and hit walls.  It's just not going.  

So I've given up on it.  I may get back to it later. I'm thinking of trying for an outline push sometime around November/December to prepare it for next year's NaNoWriMo.  I'm going to stop working on the novel course for it, since that's what seems to have killed my enthusiasm for it.  Or, as Zette said, I've been doing too much with it.  I'm more used to throwing myself into the story and worldbuilding on the way.

However . . . 

Since giving up on Sethe's story, I've been playing with other fantasy ideas--discarding most of them as being too undeveloped or not having enough pull to hold my attention.  Not looking for inspiration, precisely.  More trying to catch an idea which just carries me with it.

I think I've found that story.

I threw myself into it on the 19th of last  month, and have since written on it almost every day.  It now has a total of almost 22k words, and it's developing nicely.  I've had to do a few cuts and rewrites as ways to make things difficult for my characters came up, but it's been flowing.  

It's about a young mage who's "sent" to the country's mage school to try and learn if one of its students is a spy.  I've titled it Degrees of Subtlety. So far, I'm having fun with this story, and the ideas are coming at a decent pace--I'm getting about one scene a day down, sometimes two. I'm not sure how long this first draft will be, but I'm shooting for at least 50k. If it makes it to 90k, I'll be surprised.  I don't think I have enough to give it that many words, but it's still pretty early in the story.  The MC, Sweetbriar, is still struggling to figure out the mage name of the student he's supposed to be spying on.  

However, it feels great to be back in the writing flow.  So, so great.  

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