19 September 2011

Silence . . .

I've been silent here because I haven't been working on my fantasy projects recently (part of the reason is due to mental health difficulties, which I go into detail about on my personal blog). I've been blocked up trying to figure out Peikigi's story, and I think focusing so much on that particular project has blocked my mind from really looking at any other fantasy projects.

So, I've cleared out my Works In Progress box and will refill it after November with whatever project I decide to focus on. Peikigi's story will not be among them. Right now, I'm looking at the possibility of working with one of three stories:

Sethe's story

The Power of Wisdom

Married to the Moons 1

In December, I intend to start working them all into the two-year-novel system to see what I have built up for them and what I need. They all need a lot of worldbuilding, and I have no idea what Sethe's story is precisely about--only that it's going to be dark and grim. I need to figure out the point of The Power of Wisdom, but it has a bit of plot already. I already know most of MttM1 so that may be what I go with, but I won't know until after I've gotten done with plugging it into the 2yn structure.

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