25 January 2011

Progress . . . Of A Sort

Well, I haven't been actively working on any of my fantasy projects. Part of that's because my laptop died and I'm working on converting all my writing files to a new writing program's format because my new laptop doesn't have Microsoft Works. I've chosen Liquid Story Binder, and thus far it's working out great. I like the organization it gives my work and notes. I haven't yet managed to convert all my files, mostly because doing so bores me half to death, so it's taking a while.

As for progress on writing that I have made, I've had a couple big epiphanies about Zaashen's story, which means that I'll be able to make progress on it again. These epiphanies are such that I'll have to pretty much scrap every bit of work after the first chapter, but the story will be much better for it. He has it too easy in the story I've got now, and I figure he should be suffering some sort of conflict over his faith since his spouse leaves him.

Peikigi's story is still stalled at the day she arrives, and I'm a bit frustrated with myself because it's reached the portion of the plot that's already been written. I think I'm still trying to figure out exactly what to change and what needs to be written from scratch. Once I have that done, I'll be able to make more progress, but it's not a priority right now.

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