23 December 2010

Progress on TOC

I've reached the point where Peikigi has arrived at school. I've redone the scene where she injures the other student and kind of stopped there. I spent a very intense two weeks writing up to that point, putting in all kinds of new scenes. I feel what I have is much improved over what I had before, and I'm very pleased with my progress and the scenes I've written. I have a more complete picture of Peikigi than I had before, and I've given her an almost-sweetheart that will goad her into a situation that will both hurt her deeply and make her stronger.

I'll be spending Christmas through Sunday with my mom, so I intend to write a lot on Peikigi's story. I've been working on a different, project for the past several days, and I think my mind needed the break because the project is already done and spawned a sequel. I'm hoping I'll be able to balance this a bit, kind of see saw between Peikigi's story and non-fantasy projects for the duration. This break from her story has been good for me. I can feel ideas hovering in the background. It's a very nice feeling.

Part of the reason why I stopped is because I've been trying to figure out how to continue her journal entries while at the same time skimming over sometimes full weeks of time. The best I've been able to come up with is relying upon the introductory entry I wrote on the 29th of last month to cover for the lapses of entries over time. Peikigi's days are going to develop a kind of sameness as she becomes accustomed to her school schedule.

I've changed the division of the book somewhat. Each section that begins with another major occurrence (for instance, her arriving at school) starts a large chapter, but I've kept her journal entries as separate chapters within that. So far, she's got two sections; the initial one, and her arrival and first day at school. I'm titling these large sections and including proverbs relating to what I see as either the theme or major point made in each journal-entry chapter. It's proving to be a fairly interesting process, as I write each journal entry before deciding on the proverb, which I often just pull out of thin air. It would take too much time for me to research appropriate aphorisms and, in any case, I wouldn't be able to find enough to fit Peikigi's story since it's set on a fantasy world in a society very different from ours.

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