30 September 2010

What I Haven't Been Doing

Which is any work on any of my projects. The most I've done the past couple weeks is open Baheen and check it out to see what might be done with it, and aside from getting the same ideas I had before, nothing showed up. I'm trying to restructure my days, but it's going slowly, so I think any progress on any of my writing projects is going to go with equal slowness.

However, I do have some writing goals.

1. I want to get back into my progress on Sethe's story using the Two-Year Novel course. I was doing well previously when I had enthusiasm to support my will, but I think my will alone will keep me going at least fairly well with that.

2. I want to reverse outline not only The Obscure Child, but am considering running it through the Two-Year Novel course as well to perhaps steamline some aspects of it.

3. I'd like to outline Baheen from where I've stalled at.

4. I'm considering running Married to the Moons through the Two-Year Novel course as well. I'm not sure I want to outline on this any just yet. I want a control project, I think, to test how well just the course does without any outlining out of turn, but with the base of the wordage it already has.

5. There is a "trilogy" of an old project that I abandoned that I think I can restructure sufficiently to work. I'm not sure exactly how to go about this, but that project is primarily on the backburner.

Both Baheen and The Obscure Child take place on Ferodoxis, as you can see by the notes following the titles in the sidebar. I haven't decided which one takes place first just yet, but I'm thiking TOC will. I'm thinking of changing the gender designation for bigendered individuals in Baheen to a slightly different word, but that would be the biggest change I'd make at this point.

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