04 September 2010

How Things Are Going

Okay, I've gotten to somewhere around Week 14 on the Two Year Novel lesson plan with Sethe's story. I've been in a manic phase the past couple weeks, and my interest in writing has fluctuated a great deal, so I've stopped working on it, but I plan on getting back to it on Monday. I'm kind of letting the questions in the week's less stir things around so I have plenty of information to add to the outline. I've got two "chapters" of the story written, as much to kick start the ideas as well as to help myself organize my thoughts on the story, and have begun an outline in the notecard program I purchased, Supernotecard. I'll provide a link to it in the sidebar.

I've actually started reverse outlining Peikigi's story, The Obscure Child on the notecard program I've purchased. I've added more into the beginning and started things out more reasonably, having come to the conclusion that the people she's most associated with (the other people who live in the hostel eshosha she's grown up in) would have come to accept her as being intelligent and teachable. I'm still beginning the story with her departure from her home, but I've made the eshosha's manager more sympathetic, understanding, and accepting of her to emphasize the opinion of her escort to the ojishiku's eshosha, who doens't know her and is basing his assumptions on her appearance.

I haven't decided if I want to reverse outline what I've got of Baheen or outline from where I've stopped with it, so I haven't worked on that recently. I'm pretty satisfied with what I've written so far and have plans for a couple upcoming scenes. I'm especially looking forward to writing out the scene showing Zaashen attempting to speak with his ex husband, but haven't quite worked out how I want things to go. I do know that Noova will turn away, insult Zaashen somehow, and then decide to leave the community to get away from Zaashen.

About Supernotecard (SNC): It's a program that does notecards for outlines and story information on the computer. I've been using it for a few days, and though it doesn't seem to have an instruction page, a little exploration of the options and experimentation proves that the program is pretty intuitive. I've found its workings fairly easy to understand. The notecards expand if you double-click on them, to a full page size that scrolls as you add your notes, which is good for me because of the way I'm outlining (I'm not someone who can get by on just a couple sentences describing the scene).

Using this program, I haven't noticed a loss of enthusiasm from putting the ideas down like I did back when I first tried outlining. As I've gotten older, and because of my mental health issues, and more experienced with writing, I've learned to do the kind of outline I'm doing on these computer notecards in my head, and I feel relieved after I've gotten the scenes listed. The only problem is that since I'm not focusing on my fantasy projects, I'm not making steady progress like I want. I need to buckle down and set aside a little time each day to make these notes and work on my 2YN thing for Sethe's story, but it's proving difficult, particularly with Peikigi's story, because the ideas are intermittent and I can't always get them to solidify enough for me to "capture" them.

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