22 August 2010

Sorry About the Lack of Updates

But I haven't been writing fantasy recently. I've been working on another genre and it's filling my time. I will be dabbling in the fantasy stuff, however. I have plans (evil cackle).

For instance, Peikigi thinks she's not getting written about. But that's not the case. The problem is that I've realized I've left some important stuff out of her story and it'll change how things go. I'm trying to decide exactly what I want to do with her story. In any case, I'm planning on trying to outline things, whether I go back and make the changes or just power on through and write from where I am.

I'm not concentrating at all on MttM, mostly because I have no idea what happens next, pov-wise. I kind of want to include some scenes from the pov of Anyit's Nameless One, but I'm not sure where to insert them.

Still trying to figure out exactly what to do with the other two things. I've actually substituted my made-up word for bigender individuals in Baheen, and I must say that it's taking some getting used to. The languages on Ferodoxis don't have the he/him/his and she/her/hers forms we do. They have one word that covers all forms; for instance, in Meeyahar, where Baheen is set, "keena" for all the female forms and "valaacha" for all the male forms. She/he forms are covered by "keeva". It's really taking some getting used to using "keeva" instead of the various forms of she/he.

In an effort to streamline my writing, I'm trying two different things.

First, I'm going to be outlining The Obscure Child (Peikigi's story). I don't know how other writers do their outlines, but I'm going to do like I do in my head already. I'm going to write down what needs to happen in the scene in some detail, write down what the pov character's goal is, and write down what the goals of other characters in the scene are. I do this so that I can make sure the non pov characters react properly to what the pov character is doing. I think it might help, and it feels like this is an outline format that just might work.

Second, I'm starting a completely new project on a new world using Lazette Gifford's Two-Year Novel Course. I'll provide a link to the ebook in my side column. I've got the first two lessons done for this new project and am gathering the courage to face the third (which is about Themes, which I don't usually look for at all--at least, not on a conscious level). I'm hoping this works. I'd take the class, but I think I'll succeed better doing it on my own. I figure that if it works for me I'll start working up new stuff into it.

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