05 June 2010

Snippet - Married to the Moons

Here's a bit of my newest story, Married to the Moons. Hope you enjoy.


He scooted his feet forward. Yes, he should drown himself. The river would carry him away, so nobody would have to take care of his body. His life meant nothing to everyone here. It didn't truly mean anything to him any more. His toes curled over the edge of the bridge's wall. Yes, he should drop himself into the water.

He held out his arms straight from his sides and looked up at the moons. He closed his eyes and tipped forward, giving himself to gravity. It claimed him more quickly than he'd thought it would, and jerked him off the bridge's wall.


He turned his head, opening his eyes. A shadowy figure waved its arms. Too late. He landed, and the impact smashed the air from his lungs. Anyit gave a short scream and sank, inhaling water convulsively.


This happens in the first chapter.

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