09 June 2010

Progress and Sequels and Titles, Oh, My!

Well, I'm not going to let myself complain. My progress pace for MttM seems to be stuck at that commonly used by snails. Still, it is progress. I wrote a bit early this morning before I went to bed--the chapter didn't turn out exactly as planned, and I'd had it more planned than most, thanks to having had several days to just think about it. However, I have to say that it turned out better than I'd planned. I think that if I keep getting such good chapters/scenes, I have no right to complain about how long it takes me to write the damn things down.

And I'm getting an idea for a sequel. Something to do with the ancestral enemies of Anyit's people and a challenge issued by the Moon Sisters to the Sun god. Based on the current prevailing motto of the state religion, which is "It takes only one male to do what it takes three females to do." So, what if the Sisters issue the challenge of, "If that's so, why don't you create peace with our people?"

The Sun's Chosen isn't going to be able to do it alone, to say the least.

Not sure who the main character of this is going to be yet, not even gender. Tentative title is Selected by the Sun. I have a feeling that this story is going to utterly change the society's existing structure a bit. Hoping to be able to do it without having to create an underground army of rebels. However, if I end up doing that, it'll certainly stretch my skills.

And, damn it all, I've got the title Led by Lightning ricocheting around my head. No earthly idea what that'll be about--if I ever get to it.

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