30 June 2010


Ishtal is one of the deities of Nahela. Here's a brief scene from MttM in which she appears.


"Wake up, Ressi, wake up."

He rolled over, trying to escape the small hands which shook him, and pulled his pillow over his head to muffle her almost-shrill voice. He didn't succeed; the bed sank behind his back, at the level of his shoulder blades and the child continued to shake him.

"Wake up, Ressi."

Child? Ressi pulled the pillow off his head, slapping it against the wall. Seela's temple housed no children. Dilfris did according to all laws, and children without parents lived in foster homes as was proper.

The child shifted behind him. Her right hand gripped his arm near the shoulder, where his Seal was, and her left hand loosely gripped a handful of his hair. Her knees shuffled to her left, closer to his head. A moment later, her breath brushed his ear.

"I have come with a message for you, my son," she whispered and kissed his earlobe before crawling off the bed.


Make of that glimpse what you will.

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