29 June 2010


I'm running pretty far behind on MttM. I should be at 58k words today, and I've only gotten up to a little over 43k. Part of the reason is because I missed writing on the 20th and I didn't write from the 23rd through the 27th. My current goal is to write 3k a day, but I've only made just over 2k today, and I'm not sure what to do for the next scene.

Right now, I've separated Anyit's Nameless One from Anyit and he's on his way home, and Dilfris is in the Flestan version of the doghouse (considered dead to all others until her fate is decided). I haven't figured out how Dilfris and Anyit arre going to get to the capitol, but I do know that Dilfris is going to get to walk barefoot the whole way. She's not looking forward to it. I also haven't decided whether or not she's going to be expelled from the priesthood, but I suspect that'll be one of the things that'll come up when I get to the point where it is being decided.

I'm not sure if they "need" an armed escort, and I'm seesawing between giving them one and not. Flesta is a pretty peaceful place, and people respect the Voice too much to want to harm him. Besides, the road they'll be on goes through remote forest, and most people aren't familiar with wilderness survival like Anyit is, so it's not likely there would be bandits. People tend to stick close to their villages, towns, and cities unless they're required to travel. The most they'd come across are trade caravans, farming vehicles filled with goods, and the odd mendicant priests and minstrels. Not only that, Anyit is so imbued with Baoyin's Gifts that he's capable of physically defending himself, though he doesn't realize that yet. I don't know if he'll ever have an opportunity to use that inherent skill or not, however.

I'm also not sure I really need to use Anyit's Nameless One's pov, though I feel some temptation to do so. He's not going to have an easy time of it. Right now, he's bound and on his way back to Tress, where he's going to be imprisoned pending his father's return. I'm not sure how to get him out of that situation, now that I think about it. I'm thinking that maybe Baoyin Valis, Jair's assistant, will be making a visit to Tress to retrieve Anyit's Nameless One. I'm also thinking that they'll attempt to Seal a name on the boy before he can be rescued, and that's going to traumatize him, but I'm not sure just how yet--this is where his point of view becomes necessary. I'm not going to let them force a name upon Anyit's Nameless One, so Ceinthe will definitely interfere. In fact, I'm seeing a bit of a few scenes with Anyit's Nameless One. I may well be writing from his point of view.

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