02 May 2010


I'm playing with something in Ferodoxis right now. Totally different project than anything before and I want a place to babble so I won't annoy my friends in FM chat any more.

Currently working on something that's been "complete" as a short story for quite some time now. I've long thought that Baheen could be extended into a novel and I've been writing on it for four days in a row. I don't know what this means for my other writing, and progress is slow (for me, at least in my opinion), but I am making progress.

Thus far, the MC, Zaashen's lost his spouse of 11 (Ferodoxan) years, gained an Avatar, and is reawakening the faith of his people. I'm having a fair amount of fun with this and would be having more if it wasn't like pulling teeth.

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