04 May 2010

Ready To Write

I'm feeling ready to write today. Don't know if I actually will, however.

I still haven't decided exactly what I want to do with Zaashen's next scene. I'm considering bringing in a foreigner or two to assist him with teaching the people how to defend themselves. At the same time, I'm wondering if there's a way for me to bring in some other Meeyaharans from a different Oasis to do the same thing. The main problem with the second option is that the priests once had the duty of teaching the people these things and there aren't any other priests left in Meeyahar. Well, none that have any training in any of the duties they're supposed to have, anyway. If I go with the foreigners, I have to fiture out exactly where they're from (as the backstory for them will fit pretty much anyone who shows up) and who they are.

Then there's Likii. I need to start bringing in her/his want-to-be mentor. Confusions galore there, at least until her/his want-to-be mentor announces a preference for being known as female. She's not going to be very happy with Likii's unwillingness to cooperate. I still haven't figured out how Yasaroon will know that Likii needs training. Perhaps Likii's want-to-be mentor will complain to Yasaroon? But why, when the other mages avoid Yasaroon because of her/his unwillingness to join them in the mage plane? Maybe she/he is a bit Touched by Keena-Valaacha, though not a priest? I don't know. All I know is that Likii needs proper mage training and she/he can't get it from any of the other mages who'd take an interest because it would take her/him away from the people and she/he wants as little to do with the mage plane as possible.

Reading over this, I just got it. Yasaroon will arrive with the foreigners, who are priests or shamans of Deity. That will solve a couple problems quite nicely. Unfortunately, I still need more scenes for Zaashen, and I still need to figure out where the foreigners come from. Much as I want to write, I just have no idea if I will today. whee

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