05 May 2010


Qawra-Pol is one of my oldest (agewise, not conceptually) characters on Ferodoxis. She is a mage, a priest, and a shaman of the Ird-an'e people. In age, she has lived for over three thousand of Ferodoxis's years, was a youth when she saw the rise of the Unity, saw the fall of the Unity, and was one of the directors of which peoples would retain what knowledge. It was Qawra-Pol who suggested the Imotinans be assigned the keeping of technology.

She is actually bigendered, like Likii, but she prefers to be known as female. This does not mean she has closed herself off from accepting a woman as a spouse; Qawra-Pol simply prefers the female gender and does not feel that this is any disrespect to Deity; she takes the view that Deity made her to prefer to be known as female so won't be angry that she chooses to be known as such.

Qawra-Pol's people are Especially Chosen of Deity on Ferodoxis. They have more Holy Ones than any other country has priests. I should perhaps make it clear that shamans aren't necessarily Holy Ones (priests), but are simply those who have mental abilites instead of magical abilities. However, for the Ird-An'e, shaman generally does translate to Holy One because the Deific Gift of Holiness is given to almost any Ird-An'e who practices the basics of prayer and compassion and asks for Holiness. The Ird-An'e are also Especially Marked, in the color of their hair, which is always some variation of red; this tends to breed true in all descendants, regardless of how much actual Ird-An'e blood they retain.

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