07 May 2010


I'm considering playing with an incomplete story set in Imotina which I abandoned earlier. Its working title is Failing, which in no way fits how the story is turning out, even only four chapters in. However, until I think up a better title, it will remain known as Failing.

Its MC is Danere, a bigender individual who would like to be referred to as "neither," which is rather impossible as there is no acceptable designation for one of that gender identity in Imotina. Her/his mentor has set his thoughts on that, however, so I expect him to come up with something at some point. I should note here that it is extremely arrogant to refer to any intelligent being as "it" anywhere on Ferodoxis. That designation is reserved for Abodaore's Avatar, the genderless Child whose care Zaashen has been given.

Speaking of which, I've made no progress on Baheen the past few days. I'm thinking that I'll stay in Likii's pov, however, and have her/his would-be mentor kidnap her/him while she/he is cuddling a child from another family on her/his lap. Seeing as Likii's relatively new to being a priest, I do believe I'll give her/him some trouble in returning to her/his home Oasis. Perhaps a bit of a trek. Still need to think up some things for Zaashen to do while Likii's gone. And I need to think up a description of the mage plane that satisfies me. Oh, and it just occurred to me that Likii doesn't know how to connect to others' spirits in order to move them. Hrm. Things just keep getting more and more difficult for Likii. Oh, and she/he also has no idea how to read landmarks in the mage plane. Likii is in deeeeeep shit.

Now I just need to figure out how to get an unarmed, unprepared youth with a toddling child back home. whee

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