16 June 2007

WC--until I can update the bars on the side

First time writing in about two weeks today. Returned to Forward Motion, and I made about a thousand words in half an hour while word-warring in chat there. My usual is a thousand an hour. I beat my own record. whee

Made a total of 4,243 words today.

Some interesting developments occuring on my primary WIP, too (where I made the wordcount). I left character A ready for a fight, character B anticipating Courtship, and character C in fear for his life and the ruler's. whee I want to write more, but it's past bedtime and I'm tired.

Will continue writing on THOI tomorrow. Er, later on today.

Also, it seems that A Novel Thought has gone offline. I'll try to research it, but I'll have to disconnect the links later.

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