16 June 2007

WC--until I can update the bars on the side

First time writing in about two weeks today. Returned to Forward Motion, and I made about a thousand words in half an hour while word-warring in chat there. My usual is a thousand an hour. I beat my own record. whee

Made a total of 4,243 words today.

Some interesting developments occuring on my primary WIP, too (where I made the wordcount). I left character A ready for a fight, character B anticipating Courtship, and character C in fear for his life and the ruler's. whee I want to write more, but it's past bedtime and I'm tired.

Will continue writing on THOI tomorrow. Er, later on today.

Also, it seems that A Novel Thought has gone offline. I'll try to research it, but I'll have to disconnect the links later.

16 April 2007


It's just occurred to me that my first and secondary projects occur on the same world, so I've added Power of Creation to this blog. whee

15 April 2007

It's Chaaaa-aaanged Again

Not the main concept, but the titles (I haven't worked them out yet), and the format of writing them. Instead of following one another, The Hands of Intrigue (now called: The Heirs of Imotina) they occur at the same time. So, they're a Tandem Trilogy. This means I have to write them all at the same time, so I don't get confused in what's going on between them. whee