12 October 2006

No Work On THOI For Two Days (at least)

I keep opening my WIP, but it keeps staying right where it is; I have no progress in it. Wish I could figure out why. I've thrown in my little twist and it's stopped. Maybe it's just that I need to write through this stall.

If I could think of something else to write, I would.

A whole lot of nothing, and I hate it.

09 October 2006

Hit A Block

I hit a block yesterday after chapter 18. It's taken until now for me to figure out what I want to happen.

A twist of mine: the man the victims believe has been attacking them is an impostor.

heh heh

I'm enjoying this.

08 October 2006

Speaking of Twists . . .

I've reached 22,000 so far, and the novel's twisting to give me new ideas.

I won't tell you the one I'm thinking about . . . it could change the whole prehistory of the novel--and bring about an unexpected villain. I still have to work out the details if I'm going to use it, and I haven't even decided that yet.

I'm having fun, just wish my brain hadn't flopped on me. Can't get the next chapter started, and I wanted so much to go on writing! Maybe all I need is a break and I can go back to it after this. I hope so!