03 October 2006

I Finally Caught Up

I slammed out a little over three thousand words yesterday and last night after I forced myself to come up with something to type. whew!

Well, Akotai stormed out before the secret was divulged. LOL I wasn't expecting it, but Feiyao and Barukei have been seeing one another secretly for about three years. Hiyo figured it out first; I didn't know what I was typing until it came out. Talk about a twist--this was a yummy one. Akotai doesn't have a chance.

Hiyo recieved a secret note from Akiro at the TLozhipei's Ascencsion Anniversary Celebration. I can't remember what I was originally going to put in that note, so now I'm debating on whether it's going to be a proposal for marriage or not. It's a fun thing to think about. A proposal would knock Hiyo's feet out from under her. It's just a thought I'm toying with. But it's fun.

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