30 September 2006

Wrote Some Today

I got about 2,000 words in today. whee

Barukei had a near-death experience. He was nearly choked to death by magic. heh heh He was lucky; Hiyo had already spelled him to sleep. She didn't get any sleep; she started the spell to protect her brother, had to rescue him, and ended up spending the rest of his sleeping time watching over him. She hasn't had a chance to work on the spell during the day, either, she's been too busy getting clothes in Faochimaotao House Colors (because she's serving a member of House Faochimaotao) and has had to deal with her fretful brother, who's worried about what he's going to wear for the meeting with Feiyao Zaothetezhi. heh heh heh And she'll be up all night again, watching over her brother while she works on the remainder of the spell. Just to make things more difficult for her, she'll have to wait until her brother is awake and alert enough to participate in casting the spell.

I'd feel sorry for Hiyo, but she opened her mouth and asked questions she shouldn't have, so Barukei gets to be bothersome for a while.

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