28 September 2006

Barukei Is Rebelling

He's being uncooperative now. I'm going to have to find a way for him to still be bothered by Akotai without his being "courted" now. The courtship was supposed to last through most of the novel. grrr I don't like it when characters make their own paths through my plots. It screws things up and makes it harder for me--and I have a hard enough time keeping things going without characters deciding to make it easier on themselves. This is one of the times when I wish characters were real, so I could really throttle them.

Maybe I should blame Hiyo. She's the one who asked all the questions. She got her brother thinking about the men who are interested in him. Yeah, I think I'll blame her. That way I have a good excuse for making her work extra hard to protect her brother. heh heh She isn't going to like me. Especially when she has to start watch-dogging Akotai to prevent his courtship of Barukei, who's apparently too distracted to notice when he is being courted.

I have some thinking to do here . . .

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