19 October 2006

A New Link

I've just added a new link to this page. It goes to a writing website called A Novel Thought. It's just started up, so there isn't much going on, but I encourage you to join. More people=more happening.

12 October 2006

No Work On THOI For Two Days (at least)

I keep opening my WIP, but it keeps staying right where it is; I have no progress in it. Wish I could figure out why. I've thrown in my little twist and it's stopped. Maybe it's just that I need to write through this stall.

If I could think of something else to write, I would.

A whole lot of nothing, and I hate it.

09 October 2006

Hit A Block

I hit a block yesterday after chapter 18. It's taken until now for me to figure out what I want to happen.

A twist of mine: the man the victims believe has been attacking them is an impostor.

heh heh

I'm enjoying this.

08 October 2006

Speaking of Twists . . .

I've reached 22,000 so far, and the novel's twisting to give me new ideas.

I won't tell you the one I'm thinking about . . . it could change the whole prehistory of the novel--and bring about an unexpected villain. I still have to work out the details if I'm going to use it, and I haven't even decided that yet.

I'm having fun, just wish my brain hadn't flopped on me. Can't get the next chapter started, and I wanted so much to go on writing! Maybe all I need is a break and I can go back to it after this. I hope so!


07 October 2006

A Twist of My Own (heh heh)

I just broke 19,000. whee

I got to throw in a little twist of my own--finally! Instead of Akotai being quietly insane for a few days . . . he's tried out his new insanity: Megalomania. He thought he could handle more power than he's ever handled before.

He was wrong.

Unfortunately, he'll be back, and he's managed to destroy about a third of the city.

Barukei doesn't believe Hiyo that the spell was aimed at them. I think he already knows who the culprit is, but just doesn't want to face it. He just can't bring himself to believe that Akotai, who shows him such kindness and attention, could do it. But I think now he's close to being convinced.

03 October 2006


I just completed another little twist, courtesy this time of Hiyo. LOL She's given Akotai's mind a little twist, though that's not her specialty. The twist is going to turn into megalomania. It should be funny for a while, but it'll have bad repercussions later on. But for now, he's going to be trying to cast these grandiose spells and fail miserably.

All in all, a good day for writing.

I Finally Caught Up

I slammed out a little over three thousand words yesterday and last night after I forced myself to come up with something to type. whew!

Well, Akotai stormed out before the secret was divulged. LOL I wasn't expecting it, but Feiyao and Barukei have been seeing one another secretly for about three years. Hiyo figured it out first; I didn't know what I was typing until it came out. Talk about a twist--this was a yummy one. Akotai doesn't have a chance.

Hiyo recieved a secret note from Akiro at the TLozhipei's Ascencsion Anniversary Celebration. I can't remember what I was originally going to put in that note, so now I'm debating on whether it's going to be a proposal for marriage or not. It's a fun thing to think about. A proposal would knock Hiyo's feet out from under her. It's just a thought I'm toying with. But it's fun.

02 October 2006

Molasses Moves Faster Than This

I've been writing, but it's going slow. Really slow.

I mean, here's the situation: Akotai (whom nobody was expecting) is at the door and Barukei's all dressed up for his meeting with Feiyao. Hiyo and Jaiya are going to be disapproving, and Akotai is going to be suspicious. Until Feiyao arrives, that is. When Feiyao arrives, Akotai is going to throw a temper tantrum and storm out of Barukei's apartment (good riddance).

It's just going so slow. I need to get to work. *sigh*

Yesterday . . .

It's now 0117 here in Utah.

I got about 1,000 words done yesterday, maybe a little more. Today (much later) my goal will be 14,000. I'd be excited about breaking the 10,000 mark, but I'm too tired right now.

I'll post tomorrow . . . whee

30 September 2006

Wrote Some Today

I got about 2,000 words in today. whee

Barukei had a near-death experience. He was nearly choked to death by magic. heh heh He was lucky; Hiyo had already spelled him to sleep. She didn't get any sleep; she started the spell to protect her brother, had to rescue him, and ended up spending the rest of his sleeping time watching over him. She hasn't had a chance to work on the spell during the day, either, she's been too busy getting clothes in Faochimaotao House Colors (because she's serving a member of House Faochimaotao) and has had to deal with her fretful brother, who's worried about what he's going to wear for the meeting with Feiyao Zaothetezhi. heh heh heh And she'll be up all night again, watching over her brother while she works on the remainder of the spell. Just to make things more difficult for her, she'll have to wait until her brother is awake and alert enough to participate in casting the spell.

I'd feel sorry for Hiyo, but she opened her mouth and asked questions she shouldn't have, so Barukei gets to be bothersome for a while.

29 September 2006

Lazy Day

I didn't get much writing done today. Part of the problem is that I left off last night at a place where I didn't know how to continue on. To change this, I started a new chapter. It's kind of fizzling. I don't know exactly what I want to happen next--bedding is being prepared for Hiyo, but she's NOT going to sleep. Well, she's a mage . . . maybe I'll have her stay up all night casting a protective shield around the building where her brother lives. heh heh She'll be up preparing the spells, anyway; she's a very cautious mage. Imotina has many old dialects, and she's going to use all those she knows to build this spell.

Yeah, I'll do that. Maybe that'll teach her not to open her big mouth in front of her brother like she did last night (early this morning). Two nights without sleep should be enough for her, I think. heh heh heh heh . . . .

28 September 2006

Barukei Is Rebelling

He's being uncooperative now. I'm going to have to find a way for him to still be bothered by Akotai without his being "courted" now. The courtship was supposed to last through most of the novel. grrr I don't like it when characters make their own paths through my plots. It screws things up and makes it harder for me--and I have a hard enough time keeping things going without characters deciding to make it easier on themselves. This is one of the times when I wish characters were real, so I could really throttle them.

Maybe I should blame Hiyo. She's the one who asked all the questions. She got her brother thinking about the men who are interested in him. Yeah, I think I'll blame her. That way I have a good excuse for making her work extra hard to protect her brother. heh heh She isn't going to like me. Especially when she has to start watch-dogging Akotai to prevent his courtship of Barukei, who's apparently too distracted to notice when he is being courted.

I have some thinking to do here . . .

27 September 2006

Starting again.

Yes, I'm starting my main novel over again. Mainly because I couldn't access most of the info I needed. whee Anyway, it's well on its way--hard-copy-wise--and I'm looking forward to getting on with it when I've finally got all the stuff typed in.

However, having been so long from it, I now have a more complete idea of what I want to happen. Barukei's in for it. Akiro's edgy on his involvement, but he's going to play a key part in the whole thing. Hiyo's liking her part. whee

It's a good thing I know where I want this to go . . . oh, and somone's still going to die.