04 March 2005

Some new developments . . . .

With my new faith, I've had to rethink some things about THOI. One is that I'm going to adjust Rikiyu's relationship with Akiro into friendship instead of something more intimate. It can work that way, and I'm going to give Akiro his Sabi'Oji in this novel. I'm also going to detail his Ascension to Heir. I'm going to make Rikiyu's relationship with Barukei more intimate; I have to so that I can keep the tension up, but they are definitely not going to act on anything. In fact, I'm going to find a way to indicate that they've never acted on their feelings for one another. Partially because Baruekei was too young when they first met, and partially because their later, intimate relationship ended before they could act. I need to keep the tension up, and that's the only way I can see to do so, because it's not working with a past history of friendship alone. Akiro is going to become completely heterosexual, too; he's been married once to a woman, and I'm thinking that maybe the third novel will be about his second wife, a political marriage. I think the changes will improve THOI. I'll just have to think of a better reason than "past intimate relationship" for Rikiyu to make Akiro his Heir. whee

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