05 May 2004

Didn't get my daily word goal on THoI rewrite, but I did do a little over 1600 words of worldbuilding, so I decided to count that as today's goal-meeting. Figured out exactly why Rikiyu's balking at being Heir-Regent and they're a lot better reasons than I'd originally thought up.

Also got some worldbuilding on the political parties done. There were, IIRC, seven total, but I feel like there are more. I just needed to get these down so I know what's going on and which parties are after Rikiyu--they play a part in his reasoning and one or two could be a major threat to him if he resurrects his Heir-Regent persona. whee

Am having fun. Always a good thing. Can't wait to get home and write some more tonighte. :-)

04 May 2004

I didn't finish the second rewrite. I think that was a mistake. I may go back and finish it before I go any further on the "final" rewrite. I think that's what's caused me to stall, but there are so many changes I've made that I can't see where finishing the second rewrite will help.

I've dropped the first chapter and started at the second chapter, for one. I think it's a truer beginning, and not just because I chopped off all the exposition and threw the MC into the fire first thing. Better beginning, opened up some room for more time spent hunting out Barukei--which is how I've managed to put all the exposition in where it's needed. I've managed to introduce both Akiro and Akotai this way, and Jaiya, and I've given readers an idea of the political situation and the threat Akotai represents. All I have to do is go back and include the foreboding thread of lava leaking from the neighboring volcano to thicken things a bit.