22 May 2004

Some interesting progress here. For one, I never thought that Rikiyu might be doing what he's doing because he wants to. Also, he's learned about what Akotai's doing. Always a fun thing, eh? I'll have to insert some more musing on the volcano so he'll have the idea to try and make something similar of magic to prevent Akotai's work from blowing a hole in the middle of the continent.

I've removed his interest in Barukei, too. It just didn't fit any more with the initial changes to the story. I've dropped in thoughts of his about Akiro instead, and that's working much better, particularly since Akiro made an effort to warn him about Akotai's workings on Barukei. I'm looking forward to the scenes when Akiro and Rikiyu get to interact; it's going to be fun. *grin*

It's really a pity they'll never be together. Oh, well. It'll be more interesting if I tease Rikiyu; he'll come so close to getting the man he wants. Then he'll die.

Mwahahahaha! It's so much fun being a writer.

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