05 May 2004

Didn't get my daily word goal on THoI rewrite, but I did do a little over 1600 words of worldbuilding, so I decided to count that as today's goal-meeting. Figured out exactly why Rikiyu's balking at being Heir-Regent and they're a lot better reasons than I'd originally thought up.

Also got some worldbuilding on the political parties done. There were, IIRC, seven total, but I feel like there are more. I just needed to get these down so I know what's going on and which parties are after Rikiyu--they play a part in his reasoning and one or two could be a major threat to him if he resurrects his Heir-Regent persona. whee

Am having fun. Always a good thing. Can't wait to get home and write some more tonighte. :-)

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