24 March 2004

My characters are still at it. I've decided that this will be the last full rewrite. This rewrite will be printed out and I'll type it back in adding revisions and doing a general edit, but nothing more for THoI in the way of a full rewrite. It took me about six or seven chapters just to get Barukei out of the palace and back home (he decided he was going to get more drunk under a tree somewhere). And I've lost Hiyo as a secondary character. She no longer fit once I met Akiro's Grand Aunt leaving a bordello owned by Barukei. I figured she'd be a more logical contact and it cleans up the story quite a bit.

Hmmmmmm . . .

I just had an idea. It might be a good idea to bring Hiyo in for future purposes. I've never quite liked the fact that Akiro's going to marry a cousin of his. He did once, according to the new timeline I've got worked up. I think it would be quite a surprise to society in general and the Houses in particular if Hiyo Faochimaotao was the one who started lobbying for Akiro's release. I don't know whose pov I'll use in Akiro's novel--perhaps both their points of view.

I love good ideas. I just wish DOC's keyboard wasn't all upset; I can't write. *pout*

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