17 February 2004


I've gotten to "part three" in THoL. Akiro's killed his brother, found his son, and just returned to the capital city--under threat of a volcanic eruption and the awareness that he's now got to get rid of the occupying foreingers out of his country.

Oh, and Pei Pei's dead. She was poisoned with the rest of the Sabi'Oji serving the interim ruler, Deivashai. Akiro didn't take it well at all. Of course, it didn't help that one of those who greeted him upon his return to the city was Barukei--who made certain to tell Akiro of her death in the most hurtful way he could. I left off with Akiro doing a credible imitation of someone well-adjusted discussing Magical theory with a non-Mage (Barukei's adopted daughter).

I don't really know where to go from here. I know where the Book of Blood is--and it's not in House Odaohanei. That would be too easy. It's at the bottom of Hipichopi Sea--and I wouldn't have thought of dropping it there if I hadn't spent a paragraph describing the view outside Akiro's old "office" window in his House. I thought I was foreshadowing, and I asked myself just what I could be foreshadowing. Well, now I know. I just need to find a way to help Akiro remember while at the same time making things more difficult for him.

("No! No! No more problems!" he screams behind me, in a rather Gollum-esque way.)

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