20 February 2004

Akiro's out of hiding and has abandoned the traditional garments an Heir-Regent wears. He's recieved an unexpected welcome from his own kin, and I left him dancing with a distant cousin.

I've also figured out exactly why his son and his son's Sabi'Oji end up in the Convict Army. I wasn't comfortable with murders--too many bodies lying around for no good reason. It hit me, though, that it's so socially disgusting and the Law is so strict where Sabi'Oji are concerned that Akiro's son and son's Sabi'Oji could have been lovers. Me, I wouldn't be inclined to convict so harshly they'd choose the Convict Army, but I'm not Imotinao. It would also effectively remove Akiro's son from the succession--such a law is not meant to be broken--or forgiven--because Sabi'Oji are holders of trust and the common view is that having sex with one's Sabi'Oji is the Sabi'Oji's fault and that the trust has then been ruined. If the Shisei admits to anything--as Akiro's son did--that person is also convicted. It's right up there with Treason and murder.

The only reason why Akiro's forgiven is because the truth of what his brother's plans were is going to come out at about the same time the volcano on the other side of Hipichopi Sea erupts. Barukei (though Akiro doesn't know it) will make sure everyone in Siviyaonei understands that much.

heh heh

Poor Akiro . . . He'll almost drown before he learns he's been exonerated.

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