23 January 2004

#2 is well on its way. I've got Akiro battling his memories. He's absolutely certain that if his brother finds these things out, he'll be killed. I've introduced one of the Euidisainese--he's there to "help" Akotai. Not. He's got his own agenda, and Akiro's just blasted it open, though not in front of his brother.

He's also just come home drunk for the first time in his adult life. Pei Pei wasn't home, but his brother was waiting. When Akiro left to go upstairs, Akotai was not a happy person. He's been deprived of his magic--something to do with having lost his hoard when Rikiyu/Keiki made the Heir's Monument using the hoard. He's got a lot of political clout; he just needs the military manpower to back up his bid for the Throne.

We'll see.

I'm having fun with this . . . Now to introduce Deivashai.

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