18 September 2003

I haven't written any in the past few days. I've been itching to, but nothing's really been coming on the rewrite and I've come to the conclusion that I've hit a minor block. In the interim, however, I've had a few ideas for the second novel, which is struggling for a suitable title. I've known the POV character will be Akiro and that Hiyo had a very large part to play in it all.

I've just figured out exactly what's going on--with Hiyo, anyway. I know the opening--which will be in a "tourist attraction" imbued with blood magic. The magic consists of an autobiography written in blood that glows, imbued with power with a spell-phrase and truth. It's to foreshadow Hiyo's service to Akiro; she'll be discovered (as a Faochimaotao) and accused of spying by Akotai, Akiro's insane twin. She'll do the same spell to exonerate herself, and that is what will convince Akiro to abandon his brother. Because Akiro has been the one making all the public appearances, this will cause a bit of trouble (*glee*). However, during the course of her service, Hiyo will learn quite a lot: for instance that the Usurper's supporters are funded by the Eudissainese who intend to use the admittedly weak-willed woman to conquer Imotina subtly. However, things don't go as planned for the Eudissainese. The second novel will commence just after Hiyo is released from inei (school for those who wish to learn to be Sabi'Oji).

Hiyo is rather hardheaded. She goes her own way . . . much to the chagrin of the Zhiraikaovei. LOL

15 September 2003

I'm about 500 short on 10k on the rewrite. I've noticed that things are going along rather closely to the rough so far. This surprises me, because any other time I've tried to rewrite any of my attempted novels it's diverged a great deal. Thus far, instead of going to Barukei's parents' home, the same scene occurs at his private apartment. It's also a lot more interesting . . . I have a feeling that Keiki's going to be rather behind magically for most of the novel this time around, thanks to a trap-spell meant to drain mages who attempt to break the enchantment on Barukei.

I'm having fun with this, and thus far have come away from the WIP very happy and excited about it. I still chuckle over Keiki's getting whapped in the head with the window, which is a good thing. It's rare that anything I write that tickles me this long. That scene, I think, has become representative of what I want in the rest of the novel. What I want: Poor Keiki to get whapped in the face with a window every so often.