21 March 2003

I've just written a short story. Marion's. I've tried writing it before, but it never came out quite as I thought it should. I think going to the Character Chat at HL did me good last night. LOL The fun Marion had. She kicked a poor character named Ted in the crotch (he's considering cheating on his wife, apparently), met an evil Queen (whom she's offered to assassinate for besides finding quite enticing sexually), and an interesting toothy evil blue demon named Elethredil. All in all a very interesting night for Mem. I'm looking forward to the next Character Chat, though I'm not sure I'll bring Mem back. I have other characters I'd like to exercise.

On the main WIP, I intend to start working on it again sometime today. Well, maybe tomorrow, probably when my friends are here tomorow night. LOL I've allowed the good advice I've gotten to simmer a bit and I'm about ready to tackle the WIP. Wish me luck. Hopefully, it won't read as a bad hetero romance any more.

20 March 2003

I haven't written any today. I've been trying to figure out where I want a surprise wannabe-novel wants to go. I'm really just procrastinating on going through and seeing how things read in HoI, but the other characters, Adelaide and Marion (Heidi and Mem) have a valid story. I think I know what it is, but I'm going to think on it a while. I think.

If I can get Heidi and Mem's novel going, it'll give me a bit of a break from the 1st POV with Keiki and shake me out of the intensity of that situation. The way I'm thinking of playing their story out is having Heidi look for the stranger who keeps helping her (Mem). They're old characters, ones I've had for years, and I've been looking for their story for a long time. Besides, it'll be a first draft of theirs. My only fear is that I won't stick with HoI, even though I'm still excited about it. Oh, well.

Okay, I'm off to dredge through *something*. Oh, the joy of having two projects.

If I strangle my characters, you won't tell anyone, will you?

19 March 2003

Got in a little over 3,000 words last night, ending on a scene that's supposed to raise the sexual tension between my MC and Barukei. Unfortunately, Keiki sounds like a woman and the scene reads like something out of a bad hetero romance. Ick! I've sent a few PM's around on HL to see if I can get some advice.

I'm about ready to give up working the 1st pov junk with Keiki. Only problem is, I'd still make it seem like a bad hetero romance--and any 3rd pov I've tried has always flopped. It is NOT easy writing in 1st pov, especially when you're female and your MC is gay male.


Hopefully the guys can help. *crossing fingers* This relationship is too important to the novel; it's what drives Keiki further towards his duty, and he must be driven towards his duty in order to make the ending work. Not that Keiki will renounce his vows to his Zhiraikaovei, but those vows will eventually be the only thing driving him to protect Barukei and himself and to find a proper heir.

18 March 2003

I didn't actually get to writing last night. I realized that I needed to start a scene involving the Imotinan dishes/silverware. This is more complicated than it sounds. I didn't have the interest to work on it last night, so the scene's been stewing for a while. Ugh. I do not want to do this. Imotina isn't your typical run-of-the-mill based-on-medieval-Europe scene. There are social customs that come from well before Imotina was an Empire, and the characters refuse to let me drop the dishes. Besides, it'll give me a good way to explain something on making Alliances, etc. *sigh* I just wish I didn't have to write it all out. Worldbuilding can be so tedious sometimes.

Maybe I'll watch a movie. Write it longhand. That might help. I think I'll try that. Going to look at movies now . . . .

17 March 2003

I'm really looking forward to writing. I've been working on my WIP kit some more and have gotten the brief list of Zhiraikaovei and the Imotinan numbers printed out. Also, the names of the days, weeks and months. It's all very simple and mundane. One Month, Two Month, etc. on up to Sixteen Month. Same with the days. And weeks of each month. Whee. I'm working on the glossary for clothes right now and my minds been blown.

Maybe I can get past that stall I'm in.

Anyway, I saw the movie "The Hunted" tonight and while watching the credits (to see who it was singing one of the songs) I figured out why the sword-dancing stuff's so important. Keiki's going to be challenged. Whee. I get to write about fighting with swords (which I don't know how to do) using a system that's purely imaginary (which I can do. I think). I don't know how that fight's going to come about, but I do know that his opponent isn't going to be competing for skill, but for life.

Okay, going to go punch holes in my printouts and try to write. Wish me luck.

16 March 2003

I've only just started writing. Made my 1,000 word limit for the session and wanted to update here. This is the first I've written all day--actual countable progress, anyway. I spent most of the day starting on my detailed reverse outline for my WIP kit. I still need to hunt down the glossary and the character list, but I've gotten a great deal done. The first nine chapters of my WIP have are now where they belong: In a notebook so I don't have to hunt through them onscreen. Whee. Soon, the glossary and character list will join them.

I changed the scene with Keiki and Hiyo, and they seem to have developed a nice friendship. Lady Noyoku, Barukei's mother, made no attempt to hide her intent to fix Keiki and her son together. Ha. Keiki's ideas had enough merit to satisfy her, but she hopes. LOL I like her, but I don't think I could be that crafty for a whole novel. I still wrote her better than I think I did the sword-dancing between Keiki and Hiyo--it's hard to create a warrior's dance when one doesn't have any experience in either fighting or dancing with matching swords in her hands. I don't think I made too much of a fool of myself, however; the dances are more like prescribed, stylized battles, wherein the opponents go not for first blood, but for ultimate dominance of position. Sort of like chess. It's a strategic game, and while neither of them are betworthy competitors, they both posess skill and grace in the dance. One's initial stance often determines one's final stance, based on what one's opponent does. When they abandon the rules and try to "match" or mirror one another's moves, the dance becomes something else, for they move their feet in specific patterns. Those who only dance are well-paid entertainers, and, instead of topless dancers, Imotinans of all ages and both sexes frequent dancing Halls to see sword-dancers perform, either in game or in entertainment.

I'm sure it would be a beautiful thing to see. I just wouldn't want to be one of the two or more dancers competing or performing. They get to wield swords slightly longer than the Claymore. Two of them. One hand each. No wonder most professionals retire and do something more mundane after ten years of showmanship. Then again, they can afford to.