10 November 2003


Well, my rewrite of THoI is ahead by a little over a month. That, unfortunately, is well-balanced by my 28 days of catch-up work I have on TSoB3. whee LOL I'm actually looking forward to it. I've got the whole plan down for all three books, and I may move TSoB1 out of school and back to Siviyaonei, after school, since I've got the timeline going. I just don't want to start it off at the same time as THoI because I want to use THoI as detail, not have the exact same story from two different pov's hanging around. bleah

I do want to illustrate the relationship between the three main players, however, and to do that, I feel I need to show them in school together. I also want to use this to explain why Akiro does what he does in THoI--and I don't feel confident that "they used to be lovers" will suffice as an explanation. I want to make it very clear that he does this because Barukei and Rikiyu (Keikithei) are friends--the first two people in his life who took him as himself, not as an extention of his brother, or--worsel--as Akotai's autmaton shadow. Not that Akotai is particularly notorious, but these are two people from Akiro's home city who don't act as if he's a person in his own right, and not just a way to Akotai.

I'm rather anxious to see how Akiro grows. He's braver than he believes he is, and he's far stronger than anyone--including himself--suspects.

I'm glad I write. It's fun, even when I'm so far behind . . . :D

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