12 September 2003

I'm back into the rewrite for HoI. Things are coming together much better this time around, and I'm closing up some loopholes from the original draft, which has fallen to the status of glorified outline--I have lots of "glorified (something)"s. LOL

I've decided--for now--to keep the relationship more uncertain and thus bothersome to Keiki. :) He's already suffering . . . Barukei is just as determined not to have a Sabi'Oji as in the original, and instead of taking them to his parents' home, I decided things may go better at Barukei's private home. Thus far, Keiki's been cussed at, insulted, locked out, whapped in the face with the cellar window, and almost killed by a drain-spell meant to power the enchantment another mage has placed on Barukei. I'd feel sorry for him, but I can't stop chuckling over his getting knocked with the cellar window . . . LOL

In all, things are qoing quite well, despite the fact that Barukei's one servant has seen Keiki's face. She's a country-born Baiya, and actually in the employ of Barukei's mother as a spy (which Keiki has guessed). She won't tell anyone who doesn't already know (Barukei's mother and her Sabi'Oji) who Keiki really is. Barukei's younger sister, Hiyo also knows--but she's apparently been in contact with Keiki throughout his training to be a Sabi'Oji . . . LOL I love what I'm writing! *giddygiddygiddy*

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