24 August 2003

I've worked a bit on the HoI rewrite. whee However, that was moving slowly and I wanted to move quickly . . . I'm working on the "second novel" now--Hiyo's. I've gotten her into chapter two and almost 4k into the novel. I'm not making things difficult enough, I think; that'll change. Akiro's brother, Akotai, won't be happy to learn his brother's gotten a Sabi'Oji--especially when he realizes Hiyo's under the will (nominally) of more than one of the Zhiraikaovei (guiding-spirits, for lack of a better short explanation--I'll dredge through the WIP and find Hiyo's explanation. It's much clearer and gives a clearer picture of what the Zhiraikaovei are/do).

Anyway . . . I'm going pretty good. Didn't write today--just feeling too edgy, and aimless. I expect to write some tomorrow, however, and I'm anxious to get on with Hiyo's story. She's proving to be more interesting than I thought she would be. LOL

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