26 July 2003

Tried working out a character influence map for HoI . . . unsuccessfully. Everything criss-crosses and I don't want to have that. ick Not fun, not neat, and just too confusing. *sigh* Unfortunately, characters overlap their influences in HoI. Much more complicated than the map for Heidi and Mem's story (see P&KII).

I've figured I'll probably have to do the second novel in Keiki's pov at least part of the time. I don't want to, but I don't see any way around it. The rest of the time, I'll be in Hiyo's or Akiro's pov, but in third. But I think the halting relationship between Keiki and Barukei (and, by extension, Barukei's husband, Feiyao) will be important to the progress of the plot. Keiki, I think, despite a distinct lack of interest in being the "Legal" heir, will be looked upon as such by the populace, especially those actually in the capital city. I'll, in effect, have two intertwined-but-not-quite-meldable plots going. whee

I love it when I get plots like this . . . ROFL

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