19 July 2003

*sigh* Haven't been working on anything for Imotina . . . I think my mind wants to work through a few odds and ends before it finally sets everything on the stove. I've got other things simmering, and I know I want to continue chronicling (rather tame, I think--more like on-site war reporting) the usurpation and reacquisition of the throne of Imotina. The characters aren't all there, though, I think. And I'm certain something about the Eudissainese Envoy will have to be involved. The Legal Heir needs a good reason for getting herself into the palace so she can do her little appearance in the throne thing. *grin* No reason to guard the Audience Hall when the Zhipei isn't present . . . And, thanks to an old law, the person seated in the throne at sunrise on Coronation Day (national holiday) is the Zhipei.

It'll help that more recent laws--and the small fact that the Book of Blood recognizes her blood and not the usurper's--will reinforce the true heir's claim of the throne. Not to mention the fact that she's married a direct descendent (though he neither is eligible himself nor particularly "likes" women) and could be pregnant at the time. I'm still undecided on the pregnancy part.

Hmmm . . . It may end up as book three . . . I've just had an idea for a twist. I know Akiro separates himself from his brother . . . Hiyo Faochimaotao may be the reason why. And she's supposed to be a Voice--one of the few and decidedly the most . . . vocal. Basically, Voices are the representatives of wronged people. Not necessarily victims, just wronged. They also happen to have some "bardic" qualities that they learn to use to remind people of the proper order of things.

Imotina is proving to be more interesting than I realize all the time.

By the way, the proper order of things is not for usurpers to alter the Imotinan constitution and laws to support their own wrong views. For instance, the suppression of legal demonstrations in protest of forced, illegal changing of the government.

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