23 July 2003

Okay. I'm starting to feel guilty here. *sigh* I've been neglecting The Hand of Intrigue in favor of my new project. Maybe if I don't make it out tomorrow before Jane's trailer is moved out I'll open the file and start looking at it hard.

I want to start on book two. I need to go through HoI and figure out the character motivations. That should help me figure out what exactly is going on with Hiyo. How much she has to do with her Uncle and Keiki. Well, with Keiki, anyway. I've got a feeling he'll be masterminding--to some extent--what she does in book two. He, after all, will know who/where the legal Heir is.

But before I can figure any of Hiyo's activities out in book two, I need to hammer down Keiki's connections. Not just the obvious ones. I need to get the "hidden" ones down, too. ANd I need to decide once and for all exactly how far the relationship between he and Hiyo's uncle goes. *sigh*

I really hope book two is a bit more straightforward than HoI was. I don't know if I can drag Hiyo through the mess I've gone through with Keiki. There are days when I wish my characters were real enough for me to lock them in my bedroom with the command, "figure this thing out, then I'll write your story." Unfortunately, I can't, and I seriously doubt they'd be more forthcoming even if I could. They enjoy tapping me on my shoulders and whapping me upside the head with inspirations via my Muses far too much to give that up.

Particularly Barkei and Keiki. *chuckle* I almost wish I could skip to book 3 . . . I can't wait to give 'em both what they deserve--each other. Which reminds me . . . I need to work up the Contract Laws . . .

. . . In rereading this, I got some ideas. I'll have to let 'em cook a little. Maybe I can get things organized so the two not-quite-but-want-to-be lovers can meet a time or two in book 2. Don't know, though . . . pov doesn't switch, and I can't seem to write Imotinan pov's in anything but 1st. *sigh* Something to think about, anyway . . . maybe if Hiyo has Feiyao's help? Ooooh. That's a definite possibility. *VEG*

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