01 July 2003

I think I've figured out how I need to go about doing book #2 about Imotina. whee *giddy* I need to use a different 1st pov. It's dragging me out and I'm forcing my writing if I stay in the Messenger's pov . . . but if I try the soldier's pov--he's had experience dealing personally with "barbarians" (in Meeyahar)--I may be able to swing it. :) It'll be easier, at least, because I'll be able to allow myself to be openminded about Imotinan society--as the Messenger is NOT. Not only that, I'll be able to let the Messenger be as prejudiced as he wants to be, without having to rationalize his reasons to myself. (And I can't spell today--I've had to correct way too many words here in this post. LOL)

And it'll be interesting to watch the Messenger's attitude change as he comes into contact with more and more of Imotina, learns more of its ways, etc. Innokenti (pronounced EE-noh-kensh) will be asking all kinds of quesitons that the Messenger will be forced to hear the answers to.

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