01 May 2003

I know what I'm doing!

No, a writer does not always know what one's doing. Visit Holly Lisle's website and read a few of the general discussion board posts. There are plenty initiated by people who've lost hold of their outlines despite their best intentions, more by people who've lost interest, lots by . . . . well, just imagine everything that could go wrong with a book, and you'll get the picture.

What my first statement actually means is that while I don't particularly have any desire to write, I do know what I'll be writing about when I do tuck my ass on the chair to write. I just can't remember them right now. LOL I've got 'em written, and I know I'll remember when I see what I've written so far, so I'm not worried. I already know what I'll be doing with the rewrite.

Hopefully, tonight, Mom will do BushWatch. I'll be able to write. And I'm about 3k behind right now.

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