05 April 2003

Update. I'm on chapter 19 of HOI rewrite. I"ve made almost two thousand so far; I'm almost caught up on what I've missed writing on it the past couple days.

I honestly didn't know what I was going to do when I restarted. Keiki's told Hiyo, enlisted her help in finding the mage. He's also learned that Barukei's confusing I-don't-want-you-around-but-you-MUST-be-within-my-sight reaction to Keiki's confession boded ill. To prevent it from growing into an unacceptable situation, Keiki's now sending Courting gifts to Barukei--under his own name. It's a confusing situation, but it's keeping Barukei from making a difficult (for Keiki) situation worse by openly Courting someone who it's widely rumored to be the Heir to the throne. Keiki can't accept Barukei's Courtship, and he knows he'd be tempted to. As long as Keiki's Zhiraikaovei, DLachomaogu, doesn't pay attention when Keiki acts as his alter ego (the DL'Zhipei, Rikiyu), Keiki's safe on the side of legality; DLachomaogu refuses to denounce Keiki, but he can't ignore it if Keiki actively, seriously Courts a non-Sabi'Oji. It's not done. Not officially, that is. DLachomaogu is willing to do what's necessary for the betterment of Imotina and it's people. If that means aiding his Sabi'Oji in the farcical Courtship of his Sabi'Oji's former lover, then DLachomaogu's more than willing to do so.

In addition to such prosaic little societal details, there's the fact that the Imotinai do have electricity. They just don't have electric lights. Not yet. This gave me more insight on the reason why inventors and such aren't usually Sabi'Oji as well; apparently one's closeness to a Zhiraikaovei tends to hinder one's creativity. It's not as strong as the influence of the Gods, but it's there. It's also much easier for the Imotinan society as a whole to divide itself without the presence of the Gods. Gods=stagnation. The Gods knew the people would need some technological advancement to meet the future, so they willingly retreated. As a result, the people became rather . . . insane. As a happy (the Gods hoped it would be happy, anyway) medium, the Gods allowed the creation of the Zhiraikaovei. The Zhiraikaovei'ubu cannot Themselves perform miracles, but they are diverse enough and undemanding, so the people were able to turn to them for guidance without the danger of complete reliance upon the Zhiraikaovei'ubu. Most mages are Oshiri ("priests" of the Zhiraikaove'ubu) and Priests of the Gods, or in some way affiliated with Law and Lawkeeping or Healing. Most inventors are all but atheist, disinterested in the Gods, and happy to accept the representation of their patron-Zhiraikaovei, which is, in essence, nothing more than a personification of what they are and/or do.

Gods give miracles.
Zhiraikaovei give guidance.

Imotinans, as a whole, crave guidance. They're all well aware of what had been happening to them under the Gods, and are religious only in that they make annual sacrifices/tributes to the Gods in gratitude for receding from the direct influence of the people and for the births of the Zhiraikaovei'ubu.

Ugh. I'm going to have to do a workup on Imotinan Theology now. Wonderful

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