26 April 2003

I've written a bit more on Untitled. whee

Precentice and Adervalis have come to an understanding--their jumping point for begining their father-daughter relationship seems to be their matching opinions about the elves and elven society. Nothing like attending a "rebellion" and realizing the "movement" is a farce erected to inflate one's social standing.

Velara's bespelled the Swallowsands and that's led to one of her peoples' totem-animal-gods to permanently bind her to the land in control of the Swallowsands. Her twin, Demara, is becoming more and more a leader among the renegade women of her tribe, and their tribal totem, the Plains Bear, has been protecting them. They may leave the uncertain company of their tribe; I'm not sure if they will. They want to keep their children, but I've learned that Velara's had a full-Sanuset (human) son whom she abandoned when she broke the taboos, and I think her example is what the others are trying to emulate.

I've written no more on LedÈa. I really don't know what's going on with her or Elari. I do know that Elari isn't a shaman--one would not have survived a breath in LedÈa's presence. However, it doesn't take the spellbinding of a shaman or a mage to do what's been done with their blood.

I'm pleased overall with what's happening with this one. I'm slightly over 26k now in it. I'll have to cut one or two characters, and a lot is going to be culled when I reorganize everything. Ah, the chapters are coming out mixed liberally. I'm just letting the chapters begin with whomever they choose. My first rewrite of this one will involve a major reorganization of the chapters, and for that I'll have to page-break them properly. I've just been clearing seven double-spaced lines between them for now.

I've hit a bit of a stall; I think I'm trying to write from Adervalis's pov right now. Velara's has been giving me the most trouble, and I think I'm going to have to outline exactly what a shaman is/does before I get into the rewrite. I'm hoping that doing this draft cold will help me figure out her limits.

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