16 April 2003

As of today, the WIP for this blog is changing. I need to sort through what I've done on The Hand of Intrigue before I can continue with it. In the meantime, to keep up with my writing dare, I'm working on something I have yet to find an acceptable title for.

I've already done almost 7,000 words on it so far, and it's starting to look good already. Velara, the MC, is proving to be more forthright than I thought she was; she's older than I originally thought she'd be when I got around to writing his, and she's had a daughter by Adervalis.

She's not very happy with Adervalis right now. He's managed to insult their half-blood daughter with his elven prejudices. I wonder if he'll loosen up enough before he meets her. Although I'm curious, I don't particularly care to find out just yet what kind of temper Precentice has.

He's left the camp he made to help Velara. I don't know where I'm starting next, though I do know I'm moving on to another chapter. I can't think of anything interesting enough for anyone to do just yet. Even Led├ła--the antagonist--isn't doing much that seems interesting. Maybe back to Demara? Nah.

Huh. Maybe I'll follow Adervalis. Demara's not meant to be much more than a view into the changes going through the Sanuset tribes. Velara's going to avoid Gelee and the elven city, Perduinona. Perhaps I could do the meeting between Precentice and Adervalis? From her pov?

I'll have to think about it.

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