14 March 2003

Well, wrote a completely unrelated short tonight. Went to a "Think Tank' discussion on Holly Lisle and made a suggestion and my Boss Muse hit me. LOL I did not expect the ending that came, but I like it. It's titled "Caller ID" for now, but the title may change, though I think it's still appropriate. I haven't given any crits, so I'm not posting it at HL just yet.

On the main WIP, I've gotten Keiki everywhere he needs to be when he needs to be there. He's even making Barukei suffer a bit for being so stubborn. heh heh. Never knew Keiki had it in him. He's got bigger plans for Barukei, too. (A "him or me" ultimatum that'll force Barukei into a Courtship, heh heh) But now, he's got to get rid of the re-energized enchantment on Barukei, with Jaiya's help. I'm glad I made that nice little allusion to her way back in what, chapter one? Two? Anyway, she's eased his way past the House Baiya, whose name I had to change because I couldn't remember the old one (and now I can't remember the new one, either LOL), and they're preparing to remove the spell.

Overall, I wrote, between my WIP and the short, a bit over 3700 words today.

And I'm looking to doing another session on the WIP. Whee. Things are going great. LOL

Well, for me, anyway. Keiki, now . . . *VEG*

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