23 March 2003

Late post attempt #2. I accidentally signed out before post&publishing my last post. My computer fell off the internet and I signed back in and hit the wrong button when I got back online. *sigh*

Back onto my main WIP with a frenzy now. I tried several methods of getting around the bad het-scene knot. I tried third pov again, then tried switching 1st pov's between Barukei and Keiki, which didn't work too well. I finally ended up cutting a couple of largely useless chapters out and reinserting the rest. I deleted the last scene and rewrote it from the gate of Barukei's new home. I basically shoved Keiki through the gate and Barukei followed along nicely. tee hee.

Imotinans are proving more violent than I thought they would. For all their silk-and-velvet finery, they've got some wicked weapons. The flat of Barukei's sword has some sort of coarse and harmful inlay that scratches Keiki through the headcloth. Keiki also does a little teasing when Barukei tries to throw him out.

LOL I'm liking this situation. Hiyo, who is approximately 15 in our years, chews out her uncle for his "mistreatment" of Keiki (he spent his first night at Barukei's new home on the porch--and prevented one of the twins from entering). Then Hiyo turns around, all sweetly and hugs Keiki in greeting and asks if they can practice sword-dancing. To do this, Keiki changes, and Barukei comes in when Keiki's back is turned; Keiki's almost naked, wearing only his underpants. LOL Barukei definitely liked what he saw, though he never got to see Keiki's face.

Whew! Now I just have to get Keiki out of the house, and I know exactly how to do it. It's time for an attempt on his or Barukei's life, don't you agree?

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