21 March 2003

I've just written a short story. Marion's. I've tried writing it before, but it never came out quite as I thought it should. I think going to the Character Chat at HL did me good last night. LOL The fun Marion had. She kicked a poor character named Ted in the crotch (he's considering cheating on his wife, apparently), met an evil Queen (whom she's offered to assassinate for besides finding quite enticing sexually), and an interesting toothy evil blue demon named Elethredil. All in all a very interesting night for Mem. I'm looking forward to the next Character Chat, though I'm not sure I'll bring Mem back. I have other characters I'd like to exercise.

On the main WIP, I intend to start working on it again sometime today. Well, maybe tomorrow, probably when my friends are here tomorow night. LOL I've allowed the good advice I've gotten to simmer a bit and I'm about ready to tackle the WIP. Wish me luck. Hopefully, it won't read as a bad hetero romance any more.

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