17 March 2003

I'm really looking forward to writing. I've been working on my WIP kit some more and have gotten the brief list of Zhiraikaovei and the Imotinan numbers printed out. Also, the names of the days, weeks and months. It's all very simple and mundane. One Month, Two Month, etc. on up to Sixteen Month. Same with the days. And weeks of each month. Whee. I'm working on the glossary for clothes right now and my minds been blown.

Maybe I can get past that stall I'm in.

Anyway, I saw the movie "The Hunted" tonight and while watching the credits (to see who it was singing one of the songs) I figured out why the sword-dancing stuff's so important. Keiki's going to be challenged. Whee. I get to write about fighting with swords (which I don't know how to do) using a system that's purely imaginary (which I can do. I think). I don't know how that fight's going to come about, but I do know that his opponent isn't going to be competing for skill, but for life.

Okay, going to go punch holes in my printouts and try to write. Wish me luck.

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