30 March 2003

I know what I need to do with HoI today. I need to go through and update the reverse outlines. Whee. It's a hassle because I accidentally minimize something completly. This means I have to move the file I have open over, then back when I have the other one restored. Ugh. I can't wait until Mike's able to get down here so I can get that annoying program I hate on Ye Olde Borrower. At least then I'll be able to open up the same program several times so when I minimize something, it won't disappear.

I altered my wordcount pages; I intend to enter next month's Dare on HL. IIRC, I've decided to do Master-level on both projects. I'm not sure, though. Whee.

Once I get done with this reverse outline, I may have a better idea what to do. I hope so. I changed the last scene I wrote so instead of caving in, Barukei leaves. I don't know how Keiki's going to work around this. Maybe Hiyo will help? I don't know. I have to see what's going on. I think its about time TLowai and the other three showed up as Tendering of Courtship from DLufeiyao anyway. Hmmm. I get the feeling TLowai's going to like Keiki; I know she respects his devotion to duty.

I also need to work more on the background notes. I need to punch holes into the ones I've already got printed out. They're starting to look messy, curling up at the corners. I've also got to go through and redo the "cast list" and sort out the twins. I think Keiki's going to have more direct contact with Akiro, but he's going to be fighting Akotai magically. I'm begining to wonder if Akiro really isn't the mageborn one. He just had more . . . aptitude, so his minimal magic was trained, but his brother, who had no interest or aptitude, wasn't because he didn't show signs of having magic. It would explain why Akiro is the leader of their conspiration and the director of the magic and why Akotai is angry; he's learned he has greater magic than his twin and wants the greater portion of control. Which would also explain why he commandeers that Source; he thinks a private power source, which he has not been given (because he wasn't schooled), will give him the power to overwhelm his brother.

This is a new dimension here.

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