15 March 2003

Haven't written at all today. I've been out with friends. We saw Kangaroo Jack, and while it was okay, it made me wish for my own stories. LOL After the movie, we stopped by an office supply store and I bought the things I figured I'd need for my writing kit; I'm going to work on making a long reverse outline and try tracking the things put into HoI. I want to see how much I actually pay attention to and what doesn't get picked up; it'll either help me tighten what's looking to be a long novel right now, or it'll just make me more aware of the plots trailing through the novel. I'm not making any elaborate rules for myself with regards to the tracking--I'm just looking for paths, patterns, and continued storylines.

I left the WIP at an uncertain scene last night, and I'm going to change it a little before I continue writing. I want to nix out what I've got and just have Hiyo sit next to Keiki for a while. I think it's better if he doesn't tell her anything, and especially if DLachomaogu doesn't do anything but indicate his peripheral interest in the girl. I'm going to try to allude, quietly, to her future. All I know is that Keiki hasn't been able to sleep since completing the spell and being revived after fainting at the feet of Barukei's mother. LOL Poor guy. He's running on adrenaline right now, and his lack of sleep, I hope, will lead to more than internal moaning about the reaction-headache he's suffering, the fact that Hiyo's attached herself to his company, and he's in a situation he's just begining to realize he has no way dealing with. Wait, maybe the last is okay. With a little of the second. Very little of the first, if any at all. Just enough to show he's still feeling pain and is tired unto death.

I'm looking forward to it. Keiki's respite is about to end.

Okay, now it's off to assemble my writing kit and see about using that new three-hole puncher I got today. Whee!

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