19 March 2003

Got in a little over 3,000 words last night, ending on a scene that's supposed to raise the sexual tension between my MC and Barukei. Unfortunately, Keiki sounds like a woman and the scene reads like something out of a bad hetero romance. Ick! I've sent a few PM's around on HL to see if I can get some advice.

I'm about ready to give up working the 1st pov junk with Keiki. Only problem is, I'd still make it seem like a bad hetero romance--and any 3rd pov I've tried has always flopped. It is NOT easy writing in 1st pov, especially when you're female and your MC is gay male.


Hopefully the guys can help. *crossing fingers* This relationship is too important to the novel; it's what drives Keiki further towards his duty, and he must be driven towards his duty in order to make the ending work. Not that Keiki will renounce his vows to his Zhiraikaovei, but those vows will eventually be the only thing driving him to protect Barukei and himself and to find a proper heir.

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